Changing the Concept of the Driver

A lot of engineers and scientist are working on having self-driving trucks to prevent deadly accidents by drivers, this invention will help people stay safe especially on high ways, engineers are saying that this invention will take 5 to 10 years for it to get released this invention is known as (auto drive) not only trucks will have this kind of feature but also cars.

First I would like to say that this invention will make us drive in comfort because many people panic when they see huge trucks driving next to the due to the accidents that happen nowadays so we should look forward for this, but I don’t think we should trust it so much because one error can be a threat for many lives there is multiple of trials that happened and it didn’t end up well either the car got destroyed or the car crashed into the wall but I think when the it will get released it will help us a lot.

Basically this invention has a negative side and positive side, the negative is that many people work on transporting stuff, and that’s the only job they can get, but still some of those people are reckless drivers so this will have an effect of some people, because there will be no jobs for those people so in this case it’s a negative and about, the positive side it will comfort most of us and make huge package transportation easier and safer.

They should make so many trials about this invention because it can either help people or kill people, now about helping people it can help transport huge amount of stuff in an easy and safe way, so engineers and scientist are saying that this will be hard and difficult for them to do such thing and they don’t when can they release it some say they need five to ten years because they still don’t have the technology needed, so they should still figure out how can they make a car go to the destination you without accidents happen and they should make sensors for them so the car can know when to stop or when to slow down.

I will love it if they release such a thing because it will prevent big accidents to happen, but still I think in the truck it should have two options the self-drive or manual drive, so in this case it can prevent one of the disadvantages to not happen and actually keep peoples job, everyone would like to see a car driving on its own because it will be a great achievement for the humans nowadays.

Bashar Al Qasem