Reward Education

School days are the most important days of your life, they are the days that teach you to interact, the days that teach you to meet new people, the days that you learn to have responsibilities, the days that will slowly mold you into the person you’ll eventually become. Though kids in school don’t know this or think about this a lot, but to have good morals and good intentions to a kid is hard, in their mind, you give a little, you receive a little. Kids these days need to know the importance of this and need to know why this is important.

Kids in school will only think about holidays and weekends, because schools have gotten so boring, education should be fun, it should give them other ways to relate to what their learning, it should be taught in different places, with a different mindset, not all students learn in one way. They should have many courses and options.

Prizes should be awarded to the students, or a vacation for the class if they reach the specific goal, students suggestions should be heard, even if it’s a simple request, then it’s easier to fulfill and it would mean a lot to them, a lot of students recommend trips, trips are made but not enough, they should have a day off once a month to go skiing, or swimming, or having fun at the beach or in a mall. These will make students happier and they will build connections with the teachers.

This will encourage students to get high marks, because in the end, there is a reward waiting for them. When the students do travel and do get good grades, you’ll have two things, happy and satisfied people, and other schools willing to try this. Rewards are rare in this modern day and age, the only kids who get awards are the spoilt ones.

I know many people that get straight A’s and just get a pat on the back with a little “Good job”, and people that get a 60 average and get a 400,000 AED car, not just is this unfair, but other students will start to nag and complain.

In conclusion, rewards are really important in a student’s life, it makes them feel appreciated, it makes them feel good, it boosts the moral, and it would make the world of education a better place for generations.

Mohamed Belshalat