Printing Life

Have you ever lost a body part? or had a very damaged organ?

Due to recent research you can now print these lost organs onto and into your body so you can live a better life… but how did they stumble across this invention that has the potential to change the way we live our lives?

Think of the possibilities that could be achieved, could we be having much more immune, strong, and livelier bodies?

Could we be able to have a stronger chance of invincibility and more efficiency, and could we recreate a body?

Yet this menacing thought was actually discovered in the 1980’s! particularly 1984 when a man called Chuck Hull invented “Stereo lithography” which used UV lasers to solidify photopolymer that created 3D parts layer by layer.

The Various Uses:

The various uses of bio-printing have been made to approach various medical cases, so once again the people have another opportunity to live healthier, and have the chance to live longer and have a better life than before with any damaged or unhealthy organ in their body.

In addition to that, 3D organ printing might extend or expand the human lifespan exponentially as organ failure has caused 121,678 individuals to wait in line for a willing organ donor, but even that organ donor might not be able to help due to genetic, disease, blood or compatibility restrictions.

Although many breakthroughs have been made in the field of 3D Organ Printing, there are some challenges that science is yet to overcome such as making the printed organ mimic real organs than being a bulk of cells.

But what’s the secret behind making these organs or like the materials so they can be able to make real organs?

Materials for 3D printing usually consist of alginate or fibrin polymers that have been integrated with cellular adhesion molecules, which support the physical attachment of cells.

Finally, in my conclusion, I would like to highlight the ethical debate that is going on about this subject. Some people say that it’s a loss of 100$ billion per year and the people do not deserve any organs from printing because they spend a lot of money on making it but others say the opposite which, for sure, is 100% worth to make a male/female happy once again and replace their organs with new ones to make their life better, healthier and longer once again.

People like these scientists have magnificent ideas for example this idea which is the 3D organ printing to help the people with damaged or unhealthy organs in their body so they can replace it with a new one, then once again they can live happy again and have a better life so of course the people shouldn’t be against this because it’s not about spending billions of dollars per year it’s about saving lives and 3d printing organs for them.

Hassan Al Qamish