Never Again

Do you have a relative that has paralysis? Or maybe a close friend? If you do then you know how much it changes a person’s life, imagine not being able to move your hand again, or never being able to move your right leg anymore, that is what paralysis does, but what if we can reverse paralysis?

Grégoire Courtine is a man with many talents, however he decided to chase technology that could reverse paralysis, his research included a monkey and a treadmill, he used a blade on the monkeys spinal cord so he could paralyze his right leg, then he put it in his mind to make the monkey walk again so he implanted the monkey with technology that read the minds signal and sent it to a receiver planted on the spinal cord, it would read what the monkey wanted to do and sent it to the spinal cord using wireless signals,  “The monkey was thinking, and then boom, it was walking,” said Courtine after he made a paralyzed monkey walk again.

A man in Cleveland completely paralyzed allowed a couple of researchers to try the experiment on him. after fitting the man with a recording device in the head, almost the same as the one used on the monkey, and slid more than 16 fine electrodes in the man’s arm, he was able to move his arm a bit and open and close his hand and with time he was able to life a drink with a straw to his mouth and drink from it.

When I was  young child in school I met a guy you was completely paralyzed, however he was one of the most significant minds I have ever met, he was a genius and extremely talented however he could only move his head, he had such power and talent he wanted to unleash on the world to make it better, however he was limited, the very privilege of walking, eating by himself, or even using the bathroom by himself, he was limited however, with the technology develop from reverse paralysis, he could walk again, he could be a whole person again.

We are in the dawn of technology, and with the electric capacity at hand we can surly avoid the horror the paralysis is, research facilities from all around the world are working hard to cure and reverse paralysis, imagine a world without it, that’s the future we wish to make.


Mohamad Sami