Snowing and Floating Villas in Dubai; Heart of Europe Project

The Heart Of Europe is the first project of its kind. It’s building Europe on six islands 2 miles off the coast of Dubai where each island has one main hotel or a group of hotels and each hotel represent a country in Europe. The Heart of Europe is a celebration of the continent’s artistic and cultural treasures with each country capturing a different facet of Europe’s unique character.

First of all and the most famous one: the floating seahorse. The underwater villas are set to become the first private residences for sale at the islands off the coast of Dubai. A total of 42 villas will be available for purchase. They are being built on the Monaco island, and it will include three levels, and the lowest one will be underwater The 1,700 square foot villas are initially being sold for $1.36 million and available to occupy in 2017. The three-story underwater homes will have a sun deck on the third level, the master bedroom and bathroom on the second level and the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom underwater. The villas will also include an exclusive marina and pool.

Switzerland island, this island made a huge reputation to the developers of the project “Kleindienst Group” not because of the classic Swiss culture or the amazing architecture that it will include but the developers claim that it will snow throughout the day in this island. There isnt a specific date on when this island will be ready to have vistors or customers.


Main Europe Island, the largest island at The Heart of Europe, will offer an exciting choice of luxury hotels, beautiful marinas, pristine white sandy beaches, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and entertainment facilities. One of the most unique features on the island will be the ground-breaking climate control technology which will convert narrow cobbled streets and picturesque plazas into a beautiful winter wonderland with artificial rain and other unrevealed things. Taking inspiration from some of Europe’s most charming cities and beachside destinations, visitors to the island will be able to experience and enjoy the very best of different countries around each corner! From themed street cafes and boutiques to exclusive beach clubs and hotels, Main Europe Island offers a taste of France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, and Montenegro.

The Heart of Europe in Dubai will be a truly unique holiday destination providing an authentic experience of some of Europe’s most charming and timeless features. The six stunning islands will be home to a variety of fantastic hotels, climate controlled plazas, authentic European cafes and restaurants, boutiques, a plethora of quality live entertainment and so much more! Dubai is synonymous with innovation, ambition, excitement and intrigue and The Heart of Europe will be another iconic first for the city with a forward thinking vision.

Ali Alrubaye