Why Censor it in the UAE?

Most of the tourists and residents here in the UAE ask themselves the question after leaving any 18+ movie in the UAE “why would the national media council (NMC) of the UAE make 18+ movies and at the same time it simultaneously censors the movies?”. The UAE cares so much for their sons’ and daughters’ local culture and they wouldn’t let some type of entertainment like movies to ruin this routine.

Mohamad Mutawa, a senior staff member in the NMC tells us the summary of his job and says that: “90 per cent of materials-films, music, video games- is from outside our culture”.  Morgan Freeman is entirely missing from the UAE version of Bruce Almighty because censors cut all depictions of God.  Mutawa concedes: ‘People see things differently. Some see only beauty in certain scenes, whereas others [will be offended]. I might enjoy a film, but we have to do what the law says. There are rules.’ In this generation, all what our kids search for are actually the sexual scenes found in these movies, but the NMC helps reducing this to their kids although the kids still search for these missing scenes through the internet but the NMC is there to ban these sites as well. Juma Alleem, director of the NMC’s censorship department actually confirmed that seeing the uncensored movies on DVD is not illegal because ‘it is a personal effect. There is no official intervention because it is for personal use.’ But that doesn’t actually mean that they don’t take things into consideration, they check the DVD or Blu-ray disk and if it contains 1 or 2 sexual scenes the DVD is released but in the case that it contains more than 2, the DVD is banned from being published.

One of the most important and vital ways of making and keeping a country successful is making sure of preserving the moral education of their children and keeping them safe from such contents that will affect them adversely, therefore what the UAE is doing here is not considered wrong or illegal. These are the country’s rules, if one doesn’t respect their rules, laws, and cultures then one should search for another country that has the rules, laws, and cultures that he/she is comfortable with.


Mostafa Elmisky


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