The Greatest show on Earth, Expo 2020

Get ready for an experience that will blow your mind. The most dynamic and unforgettable Expo will be hosted by one of the most impressive cities of all time. Expo 2020 better be ready because Dubai will explode your socks off!

The Expo site will cover a total of 4.38 square kilometers, including a 200 hectre gated area. That is more than four times the size of the Burj Khalifa. But it will not only be confined to a physical site or a six-month period. Expo has already begun. It is a meeting of like minds coming together to think of what could be. People from all around the world is involved in the creating, creativity and innovation. It is a global partnership that starts at the preparation of Expo 2020.

For six months Dubai, will be hosting Expo 2020. Hundreds of countries, companies and people will be bringing their ideas and show the multiple opportunities in all areas of mobility and sustainability. Millions of people from all around the world will be coming together to share their experience, with one goal in mind, building a better future.

Dubai has opened its doors to people from a variety of diverse backgrounds. It will be people with different perspectives, national governments, businesses, academia, civil society and citizens of the world, especially the youth to join in and be a part of the vision for Expo 2020. To leave a lasting legacy created by all…

“If you want an incomparable Expo, if you want an expo that provides living experiences that blend the many diverse elements of global society, if you want an Expo that expresses the state and aspirations of the world, you have come to the right city.” Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture and Community Development.

Dubai is one of the world’s key points of connection. Dubai itself is ranked as one of the worlds most globalized cities. It is home to people from many different countries. One of the world’s busiest airports is in Dubai. Passenger traffic is expected to reach over 90 million into 2017 as stated in an article in This gives Expo 2020 an amazing opportunity to be even more connected globally. The fastest developed city over the last 40 years. Expo 2020 being hosted by this amazing city is a formula for success!

Mohamed Alfahim


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