Football Replayed!

Football rules have changed a lot during the past years, for example the shootout rule years ago would be applied if a cup match, a final match, or a match with one leg would end as a tie, but nowadays you don’t see that because this rule has been changed to penalties. Now football is starting to have some improvements thanks to technology. Technology has surprised us with a gift in 2014 which was the goal line technology, which would help decide if a doubted ball would be a goal or not by seeing if it passed the white line or not. Now in 2016-2017 football and technology have united again to present for us the advanced video replay, which would allow the referee to look back to a threatening and unsure decision he made and double check. Do you know why this is so important?

It is of great importance that FIFA has lately added this amazing feature to the beautiful game of football. Usually, before making video replay legal in the football world, you would find very unfair referees either it is to your advantage or not; some referees would love to grant a team many penalties, some would not even count a penalty no matter how much the team deserves it, and some referees would cancel some goals by the excuse that the goal was an offside when it is really not or it was a handball when the ball was nowhere near the player’s hands, while some referees would count the goal no matter how wrong it is. Many teams throughout the world have suffered from unfair referees making this the main reason of losing a league or a local cup or sometimes even an international cup. But now thanks to the new FIFA president Gianni Infantino referees can no longer be unfair because there is evidence using the video replay which is also supervised by a number of other people in the studio.

This extraordinary type of technology has been recently used in the last FIFA Club World Cup where Real Madrid won the title on the Osaka, Japanese ground. It has been used during a match Japan’s Kashima Antlers and Atletico Nacional, where the referee referred to the video playback to watch back on a doubtful play where it might or might not be a penalty for Japan’s Kashima Antlers; after watching the playback carefully the referee decides that the ball is a penalty which then resulted with a goal and a win to Japan’s Kashima Antlers.

The fantastic new rule solves many problems for the game of football, in example, hatred and unfairness. Hatred and unfairness in football would decrease by a lot since nothing in the game would be or even seem unfair. Now each team which deserved and achieved great results in football will not lose a cup because of an unfair referee but rather because of unluckiness. Special thanks to the greatest president of all time Gianni Infantino.

Youssef Ezzat


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